Zamani Homes have been building Toronto’s most distinctive custom homes for over two decades. Founded in 1979 by Mohsen Zamani, the company has developed a reputation as one of the city’s leading boutique builders, catering to clients in the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, including the Bridle Path, Forest Hill, York Mills and Bayview.

Zamani came to Canada with extensive international building experience; after studying Engineering in Europe, he built luxury custom homes for well-heeled clients across Europe and the Middle East. He is known worldwide for his attention to detail and his commitment to unparalleled quality and customer service. Today, Zamani Homes is one the largest builders of custom homes in the GTA, building up to ten luxury homes per year ranging from 4,000 – 12,000 square feet.

Flora Zamani, a partner in the business, contributes the tremendous design expertise and attention to detail that the Zamani’s are known for. Lorraine Park in North York and the upcoming Eagle Heights development in Newmarket offer Zamani’s remarkable quality – at a price that’s more accessible to the average home buyer.

The Zamani family is a remarkable team focused on providing every homeowner – from custom-build clients to townhome buyers, with extraordinary quality, excellent service, eco-friendly materials, and above all, a beautiful, comfortable place they can be proud to call home.

That flawless curve of granite for your kitchen counter. The crown moulding that complements your cathedral ceiling so perfectly. The elegant shape of your soaker tub. The careful placement of exquisite Italian glass tiles on your backsplash.

In a Zamani Home, quality comes first. Every detail is carefully considered, and we never settle for just “good enough.” If it’s going to have our name on it, it has to be great. From the materials we choose to the people who help build our award-winning homes, Zamani Homes accepts only the best. We hand-pick only the most accomplished craftspeople, choosing masters who have years of experience and have elevated their trade to true craft, turning function into beauty, utility into art.

Every one-of-a-kind home we build has beautiful handcrafted details, cutting-edge design and technology, premium finishes, and custom elements that suit the unique needs and lifestyle of each homeowner. With high-profile clients in York Mills, Bayview, the Bridle Path, Forest Hill and other enviable urban enclaves, Zamani has set the standard for luxury building in Toronto.

Zamani Homes. Quality is in the details.

Zamani Homes is synonymous with old-world quality – and that quality extends to our approach to customer service as well.

It’s your house, and you want it to be perfect. We understand that, and will do everything we can to turn your vision into a reality. If something isn’t right, we will fix it, no matter how small – or how big. If you have a question or would like to talk about a new idea, we will take as much time as you need to discuss the details. We’re proud of our commitment to our clients; our service is second to none.

Your home isn’t finished until you love it. That’s our promise.

Zamani’s unique custom homes and unique luxury communities have people talking. Find out what they’re saying about our current projects, new communities, our unparalleled commitment to quality, and more.


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With Zamani Homes, your home isn’t finished until you love it. 100% customer satisfaction is our promise for every project and every community we build. Just ask our clients:

We bought our custom home already finished. The moment we walked through the door we knew we were home. It had a warm feeling and so many details that were not present in other new homes. This is definitely not a ‘cookie cutter’ house. In every detail you can see that the builder loved the work he was doing and that he wanted it perfect for the buyer. Once we moved in the follow up was excellent. Our few concerns were addressed immediately and cheerfully.


I came to the Zamani’s with my architect’s drawings and a dream. They took my ideas and plans and got to work. The whole process was very smooth and much faster than I expected. I was impressed with the quality of the finishing materials they used and their focus on what was important to me. It was all very professional. This is a good family company, honest and ethical. They know and love their work and want the customer to get exactly what they want. I will use them again on other projects.


I hired Zamani Homes to build my custom home because I had heard that they were a premiere home builder. I found that to be true. They did a fantastic job from start to finish, doing precision work and Completing my home on time and as per all specifications. That does not happen often in this industry.

It was great to work with the family, they listen to all our thoughts and ideas, were easy to talk too and were able to take my ideas and make them reality. Their attention to detail within my home and their willingness to work with anything I wanted was exceptional. I have recommended them to several of my friends and will use them again in the future.


I live in the Lorraine Community and chose my home in the pre-construction phase. I was impressed by the upgrades that were a part of this project and the integrity of the builder. The fine points impressed me, for example, all of the upgrades including the hardwood floors are top quality. The workmanship was meticulous. It appeared as if everyone working on this project in every phase truly loved their work.

We considered other condo developments before we found this one and Lorraine excelled in so many ways. This is truly a luxury home, the exterior finishes, the layout and the feel of the place are wonderful. Pair that with a great location and we are very happy.


My home in the Lorraine Community is a subdivision house but it has the feeling of a custom home. The look inside and out is elegant and luxurious. I work in the construction industry and so know what I am talking about. The Zamani’s are friendly and professional, they work hard to make sure that the buyer have every wish fulfilled. This is a top of the line house with many upgrades that came as standard features. Detail and craftsmanship are built into every step. This home is a good investment. Quality workmanship like this will only increase in value.


I bought my Zamani home in the Lorraine Community pre-construction and was impressed from the beginning. There were so many upgrades and custom features that it felt like the house was being tailored just for me. During the building phase the Zamani team made sure that all requests were handled professionally and in a timely manner.

Zamani Homes is known for their extra touches and in that, I was not disappointed. The attention to the small details from the crown moldings to the curves and details of the window and door trims showed me that extra effort were made to produce the best home on the market. Our home is a total package. I love the location, right in the heart of the city, with shops and entertainment within walking distance, close to the 401 and public transportation. It is however the layout, spacious design and carefully chosen materials that make this a warm and wonderful home as well as a great investment.


We live in the Lorraine Community. Even though this is a townhouse it has a beautiful exterior and unique design inside. There is nothing like it in this area. I appreciated the level of customer service that we received when we wanted to make changes to the original plans. The Zamani’s were always available to us.


We purchased our Zamani home in the preconstruction phase and during that time, the Zamani’s worked hard in helping choose upgrades and basically redesigning the whole layout, giving me a truly unique house. I am and Architect by trade and understand the construction business well.

In Lorraine, Zamani Homes has created a gracious community and great neighbourhood. It is well located and a good place to live, thus making us very happy home owners.


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Zamani Homes is synonymous with old-world quality – and that quality extends to our approach to customer service as well.