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Build Your Luxury Home

Imagine the luxury of living in a space that’s exactly what you want it to be. An ensuite built with you in mind. A dream kitchen designed for the way you cook. Beautiful rooms that reflect your personality and the way you live your life.

Zamani makes your home unique, with every detail carefully designed to suit your taste, your family and your lifestyle. Whether it’s a high-end custom home designed and built from the ground up, or a beautiful executive townhome in an exclusive planned community, Zamani Homes offers every homeowner innovative design, creative ideas, unparalleled quality – and a breathtaking space that is truly yours.

Zamani Homes has been building custom residences in Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods for over two decades. Their reputation for uncompromising quality has earned them a reputation as one of the city’s leading boutique custom builders.

Zamani Homes. Expect the best.

Build Your Custom Home: Build Your Dream

You dream it, and Zamani will build it. Talk to us about your vision, and we’ll turn it into a comfortable, liveable reality.

A custom koi pond in the middle of your living room? Of course. We will even supply the fish – just specify colours and sizes. A bowling alley in the west wing? Absolutely. Simply tell us whether you prefer mahogany or Brazilian cherry floors. Our expert craftsmen have incorporated everything from stunning room-size tropical fish tanks to tennis courts to indoor and outdoor pools for the city’s most discriminating homeowners. Unique, handcrafted, meticulously designed details are standard in everything we build.

Our clients expect the best, and we deliver.

We have built exquisite homes in some of Toronto’s most exclusive enclaves, for clients who truly understand quality and luxury, and want a builder who will embrace their vision. Our homes are never cookie cutter; every project reflects the unique personality of its owner.

It starts with a meeting

When you’re ready for a consultation, we will sit down with you as often as you require and discuss your plan in detail. Our professionals spend a lot of time with you one-on-one, working closely with architects, designers and craftspeople to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

Comprehensive service

We manage every part of the process, and spend as much time with you as you need. Our turnkey, all-in-one service covers everything you need.

If you already have a lot where you’d like to build, we can design a home that will work with the land and complement the neighbourhood. We can also find you a property in your desired neighbourhood. We will negotiate the purchase, take care of any demolition, ensure zoning and permits are all in place, manage design, construction and trades, arrange cleaning, and even coordinate your move. From the time construction starts to the final pre-delivery inspection, we take care of every detail.

Simply tell us what you want. We will make it happen.

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